Sebastian Biddle Films

Hi, I'm Seb, I'm the chap who comes to film your big day. I'm 25 years old and I live with Megan (my partner in crime) and my pet rabbit, Winston. I am currently based in London.

Me and Megan created SB Films in 2016 after filming a friend's wedding for a favour. Needless to say, I absolutely loved doing it, so decided to make a little brand and create wedding films! About 60 films later and I still find each wedding as exciting, thrilling and beautiful as the first! 

I truly have a passion for wedding film making, and seeing as I will be getting married in June 2021. I now also have a passion for organising and planning them!

Aside from weddings, I am recently completed my Masters in Film Production, which I finished in the summer of 2019. This has taught me technical skill around editing and using equipment, but my experience with couples has given me the ability to make each film unique and personal to each couple.  

You won't be taking any chances choosing SB Films to make sure your day is captured in all its glory. 

Cinematography is my passion, creating beautiful, stunning imagery is what I do best. I will always strive to make every film better than the last, your film and your satisfaction will always be my upmost priority.


I'll try not to get too technical

During my time at Southampton Solent university, I was very lucky to have the opportunity to use and play with a plethora of film equipment, from cheap DSLR style cameras, to £40,000 digital film cameras. Of all the cameras I used, I established my favourite pretty early on, which is the one I will be filming your wedding day with.

That camera was the Lumix GH5, in incredibly popular piece of kit in the videographer world, and perhaps the greatest DSLR video camera that has been released to date. The GH5 is an incredibly versatile, cutting edge piece of technology, with an incredible 6K sensor, delivering beautiful image quality and vibrant colours. All of my weddings have been filmed with the GH5, and I use a combination of two of them to ensure your wedding is captured from all angles.

Alongside the camera, I use a varied collection of high quality lenses to ensure all of my shots look elegant and timeless, and that even low light situations are captured clearly. My tripods are minimal and made of aluminium, meaning they are light weight and easy to move. All of this discreet, light and reliable equipment means I can focus on your wedding day, and let the technology go un-noticed.

The sound will be recorded with a combination of Sony ICD-TX650, famed for their adaptability and quality. They have been specifically designed for live events. Its semi directional microphones means it captures fantastic clear sound within a 4 metre radius of itself, you won't even know it's there. Until you watch your films back and you wonder how such a little thing can pick up the sound so clearly.


How I will capture all elements of your day

My approach to Wedding Videography is always changing and adapting, but I do follow some general procedures to capture your day. 

As mentioned above, I have access to some of the worlds best film equipment. However, it doesn't matter how great a camera is, if the operator doesn't know how to use it, the results will be lacking. I've been trained by industry professionals on how to get the best out of the gear, and this is how I plan on using it. 

Typically I will arrive and capture some of the bridal preparation (if this is something you'd want) 

I'd then get to your ceremony venue nice and early so I can begin setting up one Lumix GH5 camera and the Sony microphone. I always try to get the best shot I can, so typically will speak to whomever is holding your ceremony and organise something with them. Once this is all set up, I will use my GH5 Camera to film establishing shots, your guests arriving, and the groom looking super nervous. 

During the ceremony I will be in the background using both cameras to get the best angles so nothing is missed. Throughout the rest of the day I will be wondering around, getting all the best little bits. For the speeches, once again I will set up my second camera and microphone to capture them in their entirety, whilst using my portable camera to get the laughs and reactions of your guests. 

I will stay up until just after the first dance, I'll stick around for everyone to join the new couple on the dance floor and make sure I get some of your guests busting some moves! After this I'll have everything I'll need to make you a fantastic collection of films. I may ask for a bit of information on how you'd like your highlight film to be made, so you have some creative control over the final product.

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