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SB Films

The Best Days, Captured.


What We 
Are All About

Aren't Weddings the best?  And I get to be a Wedding Videographer!  Perhaps the greatest job in the world! 

I'm not exactly sure what I did to deserve this job, but I must have done something right along the way! 

Love, smiles and laughter are the main ingredients for a good wedding film. So that's what I will always focus on.  The people. 

I will never interrupt or stage your day.  Natural, candid and relaxed is the way to go.  I don't want my couples to feel any pressure to perform on the day - discretion is key. 

Please have a look around my website - you'll find everything you need to know.  If you have any questions, go ahead and use the chat icon in the corner.  I look forward to meeting you!

Mr and Mrs Green
Mr & Mrs Levy
Elliot and Sanj
Mr and Mrs North
Mr and Mrs Jones
Mr and Mrs Price