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10% NHS Discount

-A full days filming (From bridal prep until the first dance)

-A lightly edited, uninterrupted film of the full ceremony

-Another full, complete film of all the speeches

-A lovingly crafted highlight film (consisting of all the best bits of the day)

-A compilation of raw moments from throughout the day

-Creative choice over some aspects of the Highlight Film

-All films are delivered via Google Drive, a USB stick and a DVD

-All films normally complete within 4-10 weeks (this may be longer in busy periods)

20% Deposit at time of booking

You know when you think you've found a great deal on something, only to find out all the essential extras mean it ends up being the exact same price as its competitors? I hate that. From the very beginning I've only had one package, the whole package. No extras, no travel fees (within reason), no surprise costs. One price for the full package.

If you want to know about my availability, or have any other questions, simply email me or use the chat icon in the corner.

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